Somewhere in between my bones and soul I feel gently wild and elemental, an energy older than the years I’ve been alive. My art practice is quiet ferocity like weeds pushing through concrete, or brief respite - a murmuration of birds above traffic lights in the city.  The natural world is my deepest source of fascination. 

For over 25 years I have explored a myriad of themes through a lens. Mining in the cave of my daydreams, wishes, joy and sadness I create experimental and documentary videos, photographs, cyanotypes and collages that express my experience as a woman while I examine what it means to truly be free.

My aim as an artist is to show transience, vulnerability and strength through movement and gestures while exalting sacred moments between the figure and the land. I search for truth with an open mind and utilize art as a unique language. 

-Calethia DeConto