Somewhere in between my bones and soul I feel gently wild and elemental, a feeling almost older than I am in years. It is a quiet ferocity like weeds pushing through concrete - or a murmuration of birds above traffic lights in a city.  The natural world is my deepest source of inspiration and fascination. 

I have an unbridled obsession for stones, shells, bits of wood and natural elements so wondrous by design I feel compelled to not only photograph the found object, but also bring it home to display and honor in my quiet way. There is something so magical about a piece of sea kelp that has dried in a unique shape to find its way to me on the sand. The wabi-sabi lines or holes in smooth stones remind me of our individuality as humans and how truly transitory this journey is.

As a lens based photographer I follow light on form to capture what I see, then extract portions of my images and re-assemble in a collage by hand. The female form and ocean have long been a source of inspiration and I lovingly utilize the cyanotype process, evolving over the years to create my own style often painting shapes with the brush and chemistry.

My aim as an artist is to show transience, vulnerability and strength through movement and gestures while examining sacred moments in nature whether it’s works on paper, short films, black and white photographs or experiments on textiles. 

Throughout life I've often meditated on our temporality and moving through this journey with grace in the midst of emotional complexities. Recurrent themes I explore are the mysteries surrounding our soul's journey in human form, metaphysical intuitions and expressing divinity through oneself while finding stillness and connection to the natural world. 

I try to document our relationship with time in a way that honors my own heart. I am continually inspired by dappled light, natural elements, eastern philosophies, indigenous practices and the expression of love and sensuality between living beings. I search for truth with an open mind and utilize art as a unique language.