'Defer to The Goddess', an art project conceived by Calethia DeConto in 2009 is based on receiving and honoring the knowledge, wisdom and power of the Divine Feminine. Calethia's large collection of handmade alternatively processed photographs and original collages will be used to create a deck of divination cards.

Each piece is created in flow without a contrived intention. The art is inspired by her personal belief system which is rooted in Shamanism, Vedic, Buddhist philosophies and 'Nature Worship', which she's come to understand as her personal way to higher levels of consciousness.

Each card will ultimately be titled and given a meaning with the help of a small group of intuitive and clairvoyant women - aiming to create a new cosmology entirely. Calethia hopes the deck will serve to guide others in sacred play as they move through their journey in life; perhaps bringing clarity and a feeling of sisterhood.


Apply to Participate

Are you interested in working with Calethia as a subject for Defer to The Goddess? Please fill out this form to schedule a session posing for a photo shoot and celebrating your inner and outer beauty! Each shoot is styled simply and focused on natural body movements and honoring the Divine Feminine. A fair trade agreement is decided prior to the shoot, usually a series of images will be given to you for your time, as well as small print of the final art piece. 

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