Dear Goddess is a sensual and spiritual inquiry to the deity personified; a love letter from a motherless child; a curious and spiritual exploration in time. Observations on the way we move through life with flesh and bones. These images are ruminations on soul travel and connecting to the elements. In every woman there are energetic channels; ancient cells that recall things we forgot along the way. How do we get back to celebrated fertility, simplicity, stillness and oneness? These are selected images from the ongoing series. They are a map of my dreams...mystical and full of yearning.
affettibirthlily of the valleyrooted in sedimentsailingonthelakemurmurationsyemayathe veil thinsinto the abyssin the fieldjourneyswormholessum of these partstemptress Ifloata thin membranebetween the sea and the ethertime travelmanifestations