As long as I can remember I've lingered over yellowed books and magazines with crumbling edges. Handwritten notes in the margin create an ephemeral feeling that is simultaneously infinite. The found image: a treasure longing to be extracted and relocated. In more tactile times these printed pages told unique stories of human experience, unimaginable adventures and discoveries that held space on beloved bookshelves. Sometimes I see ripples between the edges of old things that want to time travel. Worlds collide. I use these collages as a way to study paper and materials in order to work through rough ideas and sketches to create new and original collages with my own photographs and paintings.
into the unknownempyrean kingdomunlimited potentialreceivingcity of angelsfree as a birdthe way it goescreationessential nutrientsa little memorydear motherearth danceon the physical planesurrenderawaken kula kundalina shakti!man and minerala life less lushreclamationcalifornia girlsto the moon and back